Niska Garoute ( Kanis ) | Artist
Niska Garoute ( Kanis )

Help children from Institution Mixte Union des Apôtres (IMUA)

Located in La Reference in Cite Soleil, what used to be one of the most dangerous but is currently one of the poorest areas in the Western Hemisphere, IMUA was founded in October 2005 as a joint effort to address the visible lack of schooling for small children in the area. Thanks to the school, the neighborhood is now one of the safest in Cite Soleil. The school is the safe haven of the community and also serves as a shelter for natural disasters and potential violent situations. With 313 students currently enrolled free of charge, the school supports Kindergarten through 6th grade education. The campus is constantly expanding and currently houses 2 elementary school buildings, a vegetable garden, a state of the art eco-friendly playground, the Happy Hearts Kindergarten, a cafeteria, community center, and a computer center.

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